Standardele Firmei
Standardele Firmei

Answering the phone

In PREMIUM SINGS we decide that even the simple everyday thing like answering the phone have to be done properly. We learned from our experience that the clients like when you are introducing yourself by pronouncing your first name. So our standard way to answer the phone is for example, PREMIUM SIGNS, Cipriana is speaking. May I help you? Beside we do not want our clients to wait for us. So another standard concerning telephone conversation is that the phone should never ring more than three times. Wherever we are in the Company, regardless is it our or some other department we do not wait and answer the phone that is ringing. Even if the call is not for the person that answer we take the name and telephone number of the person that is calling and if it is necessary take the message.

Watch on the right hand side

Being extra means also to be different. Because of that all of PREMIUM SINGS people are wearing their watches on the right hand side. Every morning when we awake instinctively we want to put watch on a usual, left hand side, but instead of doing that we remind ourselves that we are PREMIUM SIGNS, that we want to be different because we are wearing watch on the right hand side, because we will be today a better person, because we will help someone, because we will do today something good, etc.

Sitting in the first row

What makes you more excellent, PREMIUM SINGS, than your own attitude? If you think that you are a special person and you behave in that manner everyone will accept you like that. So the people from PREMIUM SIGNS learn quickly that sitting in a first row on all public occasions, seminars, etc. will contribute to our and their image.

Using both sides of the paper

From the very beginning PREMIUM SIGNS is actively taking care about the environment. Following this principles we are using the both sides of paper. Such a small thing can be a big contribution for the world ecology, especially if the others will follow our example. Of course using paper on both sides either for handwriting or fax machine usage also saves a lot of money to the Company which can be used in a purpose of common pleasure for Company celebrations, beer days, etc.


We always smile. When talking to customers, our fellow employees or the people on the street, we smile. It is very important to show our positive, PREMIUM SINGS attitude. One more thing for a good service.

Answering all faxes and letters within 24 hours

Whenever some of our colleagues, business partners or potential clients send us a letter or fax or a message we shall give them an answer within 24 hours. Even if we can not reply with the proper information we give back a note that we received the fax or letter and that real answer will follow in a couple of days. This way all the people that are cooperating with us know that in PREMIUM SINGS we are taking care of them.

Friday, jeans day

Definitely outstanding. Every Friday all the PREMIUM SINGS employees are wearing jeans. Even if a important meeting is scheduled for this day this standard shall be applied. What our experience says is that the people really love this standard, and we found that more than one company, we are cooperating with, accepted it as its own.

Name tag

In PREMIUM SINGS we do not like to let clients, guests or new employees to guess who we are and what is our name. This is why all of us are wearing identifying card on Name Tag. All the clients like this and many of them will address us with our first name. On respecting this particular standard we are insisting, and if someone do not accept it quickly counts on doing minimum two page essays about all the advantages of this object.

Thank You cards

Whenever a PREMIUM SINGS person makes a new friend or business partner we send him or her a Thank You Card with a short message and business card. This standard makes our service outstanding and gives us many loyal customers.

Business cards

All the employees of PREMIUM SINGS have the right and shall have a set of their own business cards. If they are sales persons they will spend probably more often than lets say cleaning personnel but we do not make any difference. Here everybody is number one.

In charge of...

Instead of writing our position on the business cards we give to our staff an opportunity to put their personal vision of what is their position in PREMIUM SINGS and what are they really in charge of. We can make it with our own sense of humour if we want. For example, stock officer has In charge of Ali Babbas Cave and the driver In charge of passengers comfort and safety. Those two are excellent examples of how to apply this standard in both humorous and serious manner.

How To Win Friends And Influence People

This book written in 1920s became a basis of almost all sales training sessions and philosophies. It can show you how little is the difference between average and outstanding person and how easy it is to cross it. Usually, the first thing new employees are asked to do after they join us is to read this book.

Orientation program

Every one of us knows how it is to be a new employee trying to fit in the environment. Well, in PREMIUM SIGNS we do not want to let new members of our team to be confused or left on their own. This is why everyone who joins us has to pass PREMIUM SIGNS Orientation Program. Department a day and in two weeks they well know everything that is happening in the Company, standard procedures, standards and all the little things that can make your life harder if not knowing it.

One book per month

PREMIUM SIGNS is investing a lot in a Company library. It is for employees who are expected without waiting someone to call them. They can come alone and take what ever they think is necessary for their improvement.

Welcome package

As PREMIUM SIGNS asks a lot from its people we have to give them all conditions how to fulfil their obligations. So, every new employee after its orientation program will get for itself a complete package that contains a name tag, list of all standards, contract for GSM phone and SIM card and set of business cards. Of course new employee has to react fast and to think his or her In Charge Of as soon as possible.

Never say Never, I can not or It can not...

We spread around ourselves a positive attitude and try not to give a negative answer. If we cannot do something we rather explain or tell when we can finish it.

Baby bonus

All of the employees that will become a mother or a father in the Company will get a special gift from PREMIUM SINGS. 500 EUR for every baby. The only condition is to be a member of PREMIUM SIGNS for minimum nine months.

Beer day

Every week members of one department shall gather together and have a beer somewhere in the town on the Companys expense. This occasion we are using to speak in a relaxed atmosphere what is not going smoothly in department, how to change it and improve it, or to celebrate some god news or achievements.
Premuim Signs logo on every computer

That means that all Windows desktops and screensavers have the Premium Signs logo inside.

Art of being completely different

Official PREMIUM SIGNS slogan appearing on all promotional materials and advertising.
Keep in touch...

This is what we are using instead the classical ending of a business correspondence. Whenever sending a fax or letter we finish it with this message.

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