Premium Signs

Something Completely Different

Dear friends,

I would like to thank you for the time you devoted to learn more about PREMIUM SIGNS philosophy of professional and personal success. On the following pages you can find treasury of knowledge gathered in many years of hardworking of my colleagues and me.

Behind PREMIUM SIGNS is more than 20 years of experience in telecommunication, textile, chemicals, financing and SIGN MAKING. More than, in PREMIUM SINGS many people invest their knowledge to create a unique Company based on carefully established standards.

As we like to say the standards are the key to our success. Passion concept, Watch on right hand side, Jeans day on Friday are just some of the things that makes us different, let me to say, more successful than the others. Though it may look trivial, standards mentioned here are making PREMIUM SIGNS what it is.

We are glad to share our knowledge with you. Our hopes are to grow together.

Thank you.

Vladimir Zaric


In PREMIUM SIGNS language PASSION stands

P, for People,
A, for Attitude,
S, for Service,
S, for Sell Sell Sell,
I, for Innovation,
O, for Outstanding and
N, for Nano Second Culture

It is, we can freely say, the most important standard just as it is not only a standard but also a life philosophy which we like to educate about. PREMIUM SIGNS likes to care about its people but also demand from its employees to care about each other. Our goal is to give to all our people a chance to educate themselves, work in relaxed and healthy environment created according to the highest world standards. We are also giving all the efforts to educate all of our employees so they can become members of the team that will offer a hundred percent performance to the Company taking a big part in our growth.

On the following pages you will have an opportunity to read about company standards. Respecting them will create in you PREMIUM SIGNS attitude that we think about as a very important characteristic of successful, PREMIUM SIGNS person. Company growth is very important but not the only one task of our personnel. PREMIUM SIGNS is taking in consideration that only a person who is working passionately, love its job, wants to help to its colleagues, to be a better member of community, in one word to have a PREMIUM SIGNS Attitude, can be part of our company.

What is creating our image in public is a service we are offering to our clients. As before is said that PREMIUM SIGNS is creating the best people it is clear that they have to offer the best service on the market. Of course, in no time best service will promote PREMIUM SIGNS in the best selling in the industry.

Innovation is the most interesting part of our standards. Our people are encouraged to create something new every day, whether it is some improvement in business operations, new standards or anything else that can make everyday job more amusing and joyful.

Our opinion is that PREMIUM SIGNS is giving to people outstanding possibilities to work and learn. Of course, after one becomes a part of our team we will ask him/her to offer something outstanding to us. When they will learn to give extra and when this will become a part of their usual business behaviour than they will be a truly Premium Signs.

Nano second should be our style of working. As fast as we adjust to react fast our work will be more satisfying. For the beginning it will be enough to learn and to behave according to PREMIUM SIGNS standards in no more time than one nano second takes.